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Sell NFTs on Shopify

The future of eCommerce with Blockchain is right here with Shopify. Learn how to build NFT project on Shopify.

Build NFT Shopify store: Ultimate Guide  

We are very excited about possibility of integrating blockchain and NFT to Shopify! Our team prepared an Ultimate Guide on NFTs in Shopify. Recently Shopify published a small guide for its merchants on NFTs. We went forward and prepared a detailed guide for business, merchants and Shopify Partners.

Blockchains on Shopify

There are three blockchains that you can use to trade in your NFTs: Ethereum, Polygon and Flow. In other words, any user can create NFTs on either platform and present them on Shopify without having to perform complicated procedures. 

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Payments in Crypto on Shopify

Shopify already supports a great number of payment options including more than 300 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.).

Contact us if you need help to integrate crypto payments in your Shopify store.


Start selling NFTs

To start selling your NFTs on Shopify you need to do several steps. It is very simple.


First, you should create a Shopify account. The procedure is quite so standard:

  • Register your store

  • Design, make a custom development or simply pick a template

  • Set up store and fill with content

  • Prepare and publish your digital assets

  • Set up a store with the right payment gateway

  • Publish the store!

Sounds simple but these processes could take a lot of time and resources. If you are not sure how to do it yourself you can contact us and have a Shopify account set up for free!

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